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~ 18 packs per box, 10 cards per pack

Each Box contains One Autograph and One Memorabilia Card!

Look for 12 Rookies, Six Rated Rookies, 12 Parallels, and 42 Inserts Per Box!

New to 2019 look for short-printed photo variations and Rated Rookies Canvas. Look for 1 photo variation and 1 Rated Rookie Canvas per box on average!

One of the most anticipated releases of the calendar 2019 Donruss Football is loaded with Rookies, Rated Rookies, inserts, parallels, autographs, memorabilia cards and much more.

Chase a 350-card set, which includes 250 Base, 50 Rookies, and 50 Rated Rookies.

Find one of the following inserts printed on premium stock per case, with Downtown!, Rated Rookies Premium, Team Supreme or Nicknames.

All new inserts to 2019 Donruss include Action All-Pros, Power Formulas, Team Supreme and Nicknames.


BASE: Find a 250- card base checklist with all the top stars in the NFL. Look for the new short printed base photo variations.

RATED ROOKIES: Look for the iconic Rated Rookies of all the top players entering their first season in the NFL. Chase the jersey # parallel (#'d /99 or less) and the rare Aqueous Test parallel.

: Only found in the Hobby look for Retro 1999 inserts, which parallel to to autographs versions max #'d to 25.

ALL-TIME GRIDIRON KINGS STUDIO SERIES: A staple in Donruss look for the All-Time Gridiron Kings, which showcases some of the best players the NFL has ever seen.

ACTION ALL-PROS: New to 2019 Donruss look for the Action All-Pros inserts, which includes some of the best players in the NFL and parallels to an autograph version max #'d to only 25!

POWER FORMULAS: Power Formulas highlights players that are crucial to a winning football team, these inserts parallel to autograph versions limited to 49 copies or less.

THE CHAMP IS HERE AUTOGRAPHS: Commemorating the 2018 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots chase this 20-card insert, which highlights all the key players from the years biggest game. These parallel to Hobby Exclusive autographs max #'d to 49!

CANTON KINGS AUTOGRAPHS: Look for multiple memorabilia cards that parallel to autographs with Canton Kings, Jersey Kings, Leather Kings and All Pro Kings.

DOWNTOWN!: Find the super rare Downtown! inserts, including new in 2019 a limited number of retired NFL legends.

~ 12 packs per box, 12 cards per pack

Each Box contains Three Autographs, Three Silver Prizms, Four Blue Prizms, Five Red Prizms, and 12 Inserts!

Brand new for 2019, Prizm Baseball features today's stars and top rookies in an array of color on our opti-chrome cards!

Be on the lookout for HOT BOXES that each come with 24 unique Prizms parallels, in addition to either extra autos or Prizms!

With 100 players in our Rookie Autographs checklist, Prizm features signatures of our most-comprehensive list of first-year players!

Big-time players = big-time autographs: Look for names like Shohei Ohtani, Rhys Hoskins, and Trevor Story among others in Signatures!

"Collecting the rainbow" creates the thrill of the chase for collectors and with a 300-card base set and 20 parallels, there will be plenty of fun to go around.

Autographs of today's young stars in Game Ball Graphs.

Find 12 Prizms and 3 autographs in each box!

Key Rookies: Fernando Tatis Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Eloy Jimenez, Yusei Kikuchi, Kyle Tucker, Jeff McNeil, Garrett Hampson, Touki Toussaint, Brandon Lowe, Kyle Wright, Gabriel Guerrero, Kolby Allard, Corbin Burnes, Danny Jansen, Bryse Wilson, Ramon Laureano, Jonathan Davis.


BASE & PRIZMS: "Collecting the rainbow" creates the thrill of the chase for collectors and with a 300-card base set and 20 parallels, there will be plenty of fun to go around the hobby!

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS: With 100 players in our Rookie Autographs checklist, Prizm features signatures of our most comprehensive list of first-year players!

SIGNATURES: Signatures has today's stars mixed with a couple former greats to create a strong 25-man roster!

GAME BALL GRAPHS: Find more autographs of today's young talent in Game Ball Graphs!

PROFILES/COLOR BLAST: Beautifully designed, look for these shortprinted case hits in 2019 Prizm Baseball!

INSTANT IMPACT: Whether with the bat, glove, legs or glove, this list of 10 players are capable of changing a game in an instant!

Release date - August 7, 2019

Note - this product is priced in accordance with Panini minimum advertised pricing policy (MAPP) for first 30 days of its release

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