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~ 24 Packs per box, 5 cards per pack

The 2008 LIMITED International Version contains additional randomly inserted rare cards not found in the USA version. The boxes can be distinguished from the USA version by their color - HOT PINK and they have the Bench warmer International Logo on them.

All of the USA Inserts are also found in the International version except the International version does not contain Decision 2008 cards and contains different High numbers and different Kiss cards. There are 2 Bikini swatch cards in a case of International (one extra over the USA version, an International Exclusive Bikini swatch) and there are three autographs (2 USA and one International) as well as the schoolgirl autographs at the same ratio as the USA Version. Some boxes will contain 4 autographs. All parallel foil color ratios (Pink and Blue) remain the same and the schoolgirl swatch cards are inserted at the same ratio of 2 per case

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