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~ 1 pack per box, 6 cards per pack

Each Box contains Five Autograph or Material Hits and One Base Card/Parallel!

Fueled by premium patches, legendary autographs, and a strong 2018 NFL Draft class, this year's Immaculate Football is shaping up to be one of our best!

New this year are on-card Immaculate Duos and Trios Autographs will feature autographs from current and former College Football stars grouped together by either position or school they played for.

Find on-card autographs paired with premium swatches from this year's exciting rookie class in Rookie Patch Autographs, and Immaculate Signature Rookie Patches!

The exclusive 35-card base set is limited to just 99 copies! Look for Red #'d/49, Blue #'d/10, Gold #'d/5, and Platinum #'d/1!

By increasing the amount of players in Premium Patches Rookie Autographs, look for more insane bowl patches, conference logos, prime swatches than ever before!


ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Rookie Patch Autographs are an Immaculate classic! These autographs are combined with prime memorabilia, including Team Logo Shields, Conference, Bowl and Championship Logos.

AUTOGRAPHS: Look for autographs from the greatest college football players of all time! Parallels include Red #'d/49, Blue #'d/10, Gold #'d/5, and Platinum #'d/1

COLLEGIATE HELMET TEAM LOGOS: Always a fan-favorite, helmet team logos are headlined in Collegiate Helmet Team Logos!

IMMACULATE JUMBO CONFERENCE LOGO: Find Super Prime conference logo swatches in Collegiate Jumbo Conference Logos!

BASE: The exclusive 35-card base set is limited to just 99 copies! Look for Red #'d/49, Blue #'d/10, Gold #'d/5, and Platinum #'d/1.

IMMACULATE TRIOS AUTOGRAPHS: Immaculate Trios Autographs is a 5-card set that features star-studded pairings based off either player position or school with on-card autographs!

PREMIUM PATCHES ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS BOWL LOGO: Chase these beautiful on-card autographed jumbo memorabilia cards that highlight the best of the 2018 NFL Draft!

QUADS: These Quad-swatch cards feature material from top rookies and alumni who were teammates in college!

IMMACULATE INK: Immaculate INK once again delivers as this 15-card set features autographs from some of the greatest players to come through the college ranks!

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