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~ 1 pack per obx, 6 cards per pack

Each Box contains Five Autographs or Memorabilia Cards!

Look for oversized swatches that feature batting gloves, fielding gloves, cleats, hats, socks, jackets, wristbands and jerseys in Immaculate Jumbos.

Find on-card dual autographs that include teammates, rookie classmates and more pairings.

Look for on-card autographs paired with prime patch material from the season's top rookies in sets like: Rookie Auto Patches, Rookie Auto Premium Patches and more.

Inside boxes of Immaculate you can find signatures on unique materials like parchment, tweed weave, bats, carbon stickers and more.

Look for swatches of memorabilia from baseball's greats in Immaculate Legends!


ROOKIE AUTO QUAD MATERIALS BLUE: On-card autographs paired with 4 swatches. Look for 3 parallels #'d/49 or less.

ROOKIE PATCH AUTO: 2018 Immaculate rookie card feature an on-card autograph with 1 prime swatch. Look for 3 parallels #'d/49 or less.

ROOKIE AUTO DUAL MATERIALS PLATINUM: On-card autographs paired with 2 swatches. Look for 3 parallels #'d/49 or less.

IMMACULATE JUMBO HATS/IMMACULATE JUMBO FIELDING GLOVE/IMMACULATE JUMBO CLEATS: Find the most sought-after memorabilia for the 2018 rookie class, veterans and retired players in Immaculate Jumbo Materials!

SHADOW BOX MATERIALS: With a mix of current, veteran, and legendary players, Shadow Box Materials combines a unique checklist with 2 swatches of memorabilia.

IMMACULATE SIGNATURES: 25-card set features autographs from numerous fan-favorites that span multiple decades!

IMMACULATE LEGENDS: 35-card set features some of the greatest legends to ever play! Look for 2 parallels #'d/10 or less.

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