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~ 1 pack per box, 1 card per pack

Each Box contains One Encapsulated On-Card Autograph!

New for 2018, Panini One football delivers one on-card autograph per box!

All autographs in Panini One will be on-card from the top 2018 NFL rookies, current stars and retired legends!

All patch cards feature prime or super prime, and all cards will be produced on premium acetate or canvas stock!

85% of cards will be on-card patch autos!


ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS PLATINUM: These Rookie Patch Autographs feature custom embossed card stock, on-card autographs and oversized patches!

- Rookie Patch Autographs - Max #'d/199
- Rookie Patch Autographs Blue - Max #'d/99
- Rookie Patch Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/49
- Rookie Patch Autographs Red - #'d/25
- Rookie Patch Autographs Gold - #'d/10
- Rookie Patch Autographs Platinum - #'d/5
- Rookie Patch Autographs Black - one-of-one

ROOKIE DUAL PATCH AUTOGRAPHS GOLD: Rookie Dual Patch Autographs includes two patches that perfectly frame the players autograph.

- Rookie Dual patch Autographs - Max #'d/199
- Rookie Dual patch Autographs Blue - Max #'d/99
- Rookie Dual patch Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/49
- Rookie Dual patch Autographs Red - #'d/25
- Rookie Dual patch Autographs Gold - #'d/10
- Rookie Dual patch Autographs Platinum - #'d/5
- Rookie Dual patch Autographs Black - one-of-one

PREMIUM ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS BLUE: Produced on acetate stock these Premium Rookie Patch Autographs are sure to stand out!

- Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Blue - Max #'d/99
- Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Bronze - Max #'d/49
- Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Red - #'d/25
- Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Gold - #'d/10
- Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Platinum - #'d/5
- Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Black - one-of-one

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS: Find rare autos from top rookies in this non-patch auto set.

- Rookie Autographs - Max #'d/199
- Rookie Autographs Blue - Max #'d/99
- Rookie Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/49
- Rookie Autographs Red - #'d/25
- Rookie Autographs Gold - #'d/10
- Rookie Autographs Platinum - #'d/5
- Rookie Autographs Black - one-of-one

QUAD PATCH AUTOGRAPHS BLACK: With a checklist full of Hall of Famers these Quad Patch Autographs are amazing!

- Quad Patch Autographs Blue - Max #'d/99
- Quad Patch Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/49
- Quad Patch Autographs Red - #'d/25
- Quad Patch Autographs Gold - #'d/10
- Quad Patch Autographs Platinum - #'d/5
- Quad Patch Autographs Black - one-of-one

PATCH AUTOGRAPHS RED: Look for names like: Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Patrick Mahomes II and more!

- Patch Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/49
- Patch Autographs Red - #'d/25
- Patch Autographs Gold - #'d/10
- Patch Autographs Platinum - #'d/5
- Patch Autographs Black - one-of-one

PATCH AUTOGRAPHS VARIATION BRONZE: Patch Autographs Variation features a classic dark design on acetate.

- Bronze - Max #'d/49
- Patch Autographs Variation Red - #'d/25
- Patch Autographs Variation Gold - #'d/10
- Patch Autographs Variation Platinum - #'d/5
- Patch Autographs Variation Black - one-of-one

DUAL PATCH AUTOGRAPHS PLATINUM: Dual Patch Autographs includes two patches that perfectly frame the players autograph.

- Dual Patch Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/49
- Dual Patch Autographs Red - #'d/25
- Dual Patch Autographs Gold - #'d/10
- Dual Patch Autographs Platinum - #'d/5
- Dual Patch Autographs Black - one-of-one

AUTOGRAPHS GOLD: This shadowbox autographed set includes top names like: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Randy moss, Emmitt Smith and many more!

- Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/49
- Autographs Red - #'d/25
- Autographs Gold - #'d/10
- Autographs Platinum - #'d/5
- Autographs Black - one-of-one

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