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~ 24 packs per box, 10 parody stickers per pack

The All-New Series 10 format has deepened kid-fan appeal with even more parodies of products that are relevant in kids’ daily lives and which embrace kids' deep connections and fandom to their most favorite characters, games, food and other items they may see daily.

Wacky Packages has also kept the content exciting and humorous for long-time die-hard fans adding layers of mature humor and varied humor to the set which appeal to kids of all ages.

All New Series 10 Trading Card Set

55 new hand-painted parodies
(27) Card backs feature a mix of 9-card puzzles
(27) Card backs feature new Wacky Billboard and Movie poster advertisements and Wacky product coupons

19 Special Themed subsets
(10) Awful Apps
(9) As Screamed on TV

25 additional cards deliver gags with fun twists
(10) Magnet cards– our most attractive Wackies yet!
(10) Tattoos– these laughs will stick with you for a long time!

Retail Special Inserts & Parallels(Single 10-Card Packs)
Insert Insertion Rate
Magnet cards 1:12 packs
Tattoos 1:6 packs
Blue Parallel 1:1 pack
Silver Parallel 1:3 packs
Sketch Cards 800 (total for all outlets)
Gold Parallel 1,285 (total for all outlets)

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